Flea Invasion

One day in August 1998 Theo started complaining about insect bites on the legs. Every day he had more and more red marks and was itching like crazy. Soon after we notices a little black thing in the bed that was jumping. It was a flea.

Eventually after some foggers and a visit from the exterminator we found the source of the fleas. It turned out that a raccoon had managed to get in the crawl space under the house and made its nest between the floor and the bathtub. We got rid of the raccoon, but the fleas stayed...

After some research in the internet we found that fleas are attracted to light, so we built some simple but very effective traps: We put a plate with water and soap (dishwashing detergent) under a lamp. The fleas would jump to the light and fall in the water, and the soap would prevent them from floating and swimming out (which they would with out the soap). We were catching about 20 fleas per day.

After five months, freezing temperatures, a total of six visits from professional exterminators (two which included spraying under the house), four foggers (in and under the house) the fleas won, we moved.


Theo's Legs with almost a 100 flea bites

The Trap