Picture Gallery

Arno cooking for his club during the 900 Anniversary celebrations in Hofweier

Here is Claudia enjoying some delicious Maultaschen

Theo's Gass cousins enjoying the party

While in Las vegas on June 2000
We took a picture with with Worf at the Las Vegas Hilton

Mutti and Astrid relaxing after a long sight seeing day.
Foster City, January 2000

Claudia and Carla on Carlas XV birthday party
Tijuana, September 1999

Arno, Iris, Gerd and Patricia spent some time with us in September 1999.
Here we are enjoying some Margaritas

Claudia, Mutti, Astrid, Oma and Iris.
Germany, June 1998

Visiting the famous Tijuana striped donkeys with Theo's brother Arno (Summer 1996)